Chapter 2

At the heart
of the

industrial &
operational challenges
of tomorrow


Focus on Nexter

– Business activity –

866 M€  Turnover 2016

771 M€  Order intake 2016

– Innovation –

Active patents
in the Nexter portfolio

19 %
Of turnover
devoted to r&d

– Industrial base –

Suppliers on the Nexter panel,
including 513 SMES

Jobs generated
by Nexter purchases

Ethics & compliance
Our commitments

For Nexter, its relationships with its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, service providers and other partners must be based on honesty, integrity, transparency and rigour. Nexter continually ensures that its activities are conducted and developed in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in all of the countries in which the Group operates.

Nexter’s values are defined in an Ethics Charter reaffirming at the highest level of the company the Group’s unceasing commitment to promoting just and equitable exchanges between all of its stakeholders.

Based on this Charter, the Group has developed a genuine ethics and compliance policy with respect to all of its employees, partners and suppliers. Nexter also implements awareness-raising and training actions for its employees through dedicated courses.

Consult the Nexter ethics charter

Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy

The alliance with KMW, export prospects, and the notification of the SCORPION program have given rise to a new dynamic within Nexter.

The Group is thus actively pursuing and further developing its ambitious recruitment policy. Some 274 vacancies were filled in 2016, enriching the company’s in-house skills base with respect to several technical professions while also rejuvenating its age pyramid. Integration policies concerning young graduates are proving effective, resulting in the emergence of a new generation of engineers and managers fully invested in the activities of the Group, where employee development, quality of working life and equal opportunities are considered fundamental corporate values.

More than 5%
of our employees are young people on work/study contracts

work/study positions in 2016

permament positions filled in 2016, 36% of which by under-30s

Ethics & Compliance

Nexter’s engineering is based on the following three fundamental pillars


with customer

Nexter’s engineering expertise is continually being enriched with new skills. It implements the best practices and methodologies in the design of each product, thereby ensuring its compliance, competitiveness, reliability and optimisation.


Meeting curstomer deadlines and competitiveness

The meeting of deadlines is ensured thanks to management tools implemented with a view to planning and managing each task, in coherence with the overall development of the project. These tools combined with the Group’s design-to-cost policy contribute to the competitiveness of its offers.


Continuous improvement

The quality of Nexter developments is inherent from the first hours of a project right up to product delivery. Product improvement continues throughout their entire life cycle by means of assessments conducted by Nexter and its customers in the development phase, and through operational feedback from armed forces following use under real conditions.

Innovation at the heart
of land defense systems

The objective of Nexter’s innovation approach is fundamental: provide a decisive operational advantage to user armed forces while improving the conditions under which their missions take place. In the face of ever more aggressive global competition, innovation is a key factor in our offer. Our R&D activities and our participatory innovation approach are fundamental in the development of the cutting-edge technologies essential for the Group’s future.

of the scorpion

The SCORPION program, intended to modernise the French Army’s contact forces, includes the development of GRIFFON and JAGUAR vehicles and the renovation of Leclerc tanks.

Nexter, Renault Trucks Defense and Thales engineers combine their strengths and know-how on a daily basis within teams integrated on the Versailles site to develop the GRIFFON and JAGUAR vehicles and their support systems. They work together to create vehicles that offer a high level of protection, optimum ergonomics and increased mobility, with state-of-the-art weapons systems and simple but effective means of communication, while also ensuring their supportability. These teams are mobilised to meet a precise timetable: start of testing in 2017 and the first deliveries in 2018.

Adapting the offer
to meet export requirements

The CAESAR® 8x8 is the latest addition to the CAESAR® range of combat-proven artillery systems in continuous operation within the French and foreign armies for the past six years. The 8x8 version is equipped with the same heavy-duty 155 mm/52-caliber gun as that installed on the 6x6 version and which has proved its effectiveness in different types of theaters with severe climatic and geographic constraints (from the mountains of Afghanistan to the Adrar des Ifoghas). With this new system, Nexter offers these customers the possibility of integrating the gun on a platform of their choice.

Adapting the offer
to meet export requirements

Based on an incremental development logic of the VBCI, the combat-proven benchmark in the 8x8 combat vehicle market, this development demonstrates the extent and excellence of Nexter’s know-how in the land defense field.
Operated by the French Army, the VBCI has demonstrated its exceptional qualities during numerous engagements throughout the world. To meet new export requirements, it benefits from the latest technological advances in terms of mobility, ergonomics, and electronics and computer systems. Its firepower has been enhanced thanks to the integration of a new generation weapons system, notably the T40 turret with its 40 mm gun developed by CTA International.

An expanded

Nexter has expanded its range of new turrets with the ARX®25, a Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) that offers a real alternative to the 30 mm turrets, and with the presentation of the unmanned T40 turret, designed notably to support infantry groups carrying out on-foot operations. These new weapons systems can be easily integrated on all vehicles, from the 4x4 to the 8x8. The Group now offers a comprehensive range of products that can be adapted to meet all customer needs. At the same time, Nexter continues to equip airborne and air forces with its turrets and guns integrated on the TIGER, COUGAR and CARACAL helicopters and on the MIRAGE and RAFALE aircraft.

Adapting the offer
to meet security needs

In its Homeland Security version, the TITUS® responds in a targeted way to the needs of French and foreign security forces, subject to increasingly complex operational environments. RAID (an elite unit of the French National Police) used the TITUS® during the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Other French and foreign units have also extensively tested the vehicle. Designed for high-intensity missions, the Homeland Security configuration maintains the basic characteristics of the TITUS® (high level of protection, recognised mobility in all-terrain situations or in urban environments, interior layout for a crew of up to 13), on which different Internal Security kits adapted to each type of intervention can be installed.