Chapter 3

A solid

innovative range of
benchmark products
for land forces


Armored systems

Nexter today boasts a complete and modern range of armored systems, from 4x4 wheeled vehicles to the Leclerc heavy tank. Nexter works alongside both the French and many foreign armed forces to ensure the availability of all equipment on the various projection theaters and contribute to the complete operational success of the missions.

In this respect, the company is working to further develop its systems with the objective of broadening the spectrum of their missions, adapting them to new threats, and taking into account operational feedback in order to implement the necessary improvements.

VBCIS deployed in lebanon as part of unifil

ARAVIS® vehicles deployed in africa within the framework of operation BARKHANE

ARAVIS® vehicles deployed by GABON in the central AFRICAN republic

VBCIS deployed within the framework of operation BARKHANE

Artillery systems

Thanks to the Group’s experience and the expertise of the Bourges gun works, Nexter is today one of the world leaders in artillery systems offering various solutions, from the CAESAR® self-propelled howitzer to the 105LG1 assault artillery system.

A contemporary benchmark of the Nexter artillery range, the CAESAR® self-propelled howitzer is recognised worldwide for its mobility and the firepower of its 155 mm gun. Also developed on an 8x8 chassis in 2015 to meet customer needs, the CAESAR® is now available on four different chassis.

Nexter’s expertise also extends to the 105 mm gun, with the 105LG1 towed gun in service with six foreign armies. The strength of Nexter’s products also lies in the Group’s gun/ammunition combination expertise, both types of products being designed and manufactured in-house, thereby ensuring precision and reliability.

Foreign countries have already chosen Nexter artillery systems to equip their forces

CAESAR® systems deployed in IRAQ within task force WAGRAM

Weapons & turrets

Nexter has built on its weapons and ammunition expertise to develop a range of turrets for land, naval and aeronautical systems. Nexter guns are installed on the company’s own systems as well as on other platforms such as the Rafale aircraft, the Tiger helicopter, or the FREMM frigates of the French and Egyptian Navies.


Nexter offers turrets of several calibers that can be adapted on different platforms. These include the ARX®20 which can be integrated on any type of vehicle with a T40 turret, equipped with a 40 mm gun developed by CTA International (a subsidiary of Nexter and BAE Systems).


Nexter’s offer consists of 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm gun turrets (THL20 and THL30), a gun pod (POD NC621), as well as a retractable door mounting (SH20). Reliable and designed for easy integration, Nexter equipment is in use with many armies around the world.


The main system of the naval range is the NARWHAL®, a 20 mm remotely-operated turret. It notably equips the FREMM frigates and the BPC vessels of the French Navy. Nexter also offers manual lightweight naval gun mounts (15A/15B).


The Nexter Ammunition Business Unit, via the Nexter Munitions, Mecar and Simmel Difesa entities, accompanies customers throughout the various stages of the life cycle of ammunition. These companies design, develop and produce all types of ammunition ranging from 20 to 155 mm. They also manage the transport and storage of ammunition in order to offer a global service right up to demilitarisation and recycling.

The grouping of Nexter Munitions, Mecar and Simmel Difesa positions the Nexter Ammunition Business Unit as the third largest ammunition manufacturer in Europe. The consolidated product range of the three companies covers all calibers from 20 mm to 155 mm in the land, air-land and naval fields. An integrated team coordinates the activities of the industrial sites located in France, Belgium and Italy in order to identify commercial and technological synergies based on the extensive ammunition manufacturing experience of each company.

A significant commercial footprint in more than 60 countries

sites in Europe

On-board electronics
ans digital solutions

The Nexter Group has developed a competence centre in the field of digital solutions to meet the needs of armed forces and ensure its products benefit from modern and adapted systems.

These skills enable the Group to propose solutions in the fields of Battlefield Management Systems, vetronics and simulation for the operational readiness of armed forces.

Nexter has enriched its offer with the Battlefield Management System FINDERS®C2, which notably equips several of the French Army’s vehicles (VBCI, LECLERC, AMX10RC). FINDERS®C2 has been used in many military theaters. It allows for connecting vehicles, weapons systems and troops with a view to sharing tactical information.

Management of the technical and operational constraints specific to combat vehicles has enabled the Nexter Group to develop vetronic solutions, allowing the exchange of data within a vehicle (FINDERS®CS), as well as on-board simulation solutions (FINDERS®CT).

Customer service &

Customer service and support throughout the entire life cycle of its systems are at the centre of Nexter’s offer. The Group continues to innovate in order to offer bespoke maintenance and training solutions.

Nexter’s partnerships with the various components of the French Army enable it to provide comprehensive solutions in response to the needs and constraints of its customers. Managed from the Service Operations Centre (Centre Opérationnel des Services, COSS), Nexter’s services range from complete vehicle fleet management to real-time flow monitoring, with ‘à la carte’ services offering a high degree of flexibility of use.

The varied range of services developed for the benefit of the armed forces allows Nexter to adapt its offers and to propose customised, efficient and innovative solutions, beyond traditional services.


Nexter’s equipment manufacturing subsidiaries provide subsystems and services to the Nexter Group and its external customers in the fields of electronics, optics, mechanics, shelters and CBRN protection.

Within the Equipment Business Unit, the equipment manufacturing subsidiaries accompany Nexter, their complementary engineering know-how making it possible to equip the Group’s systems with combat-proven technologies such as SAFEPRO® seats for increased protection, the SYEGON® central tire inflation system, on-board calculators for turrets, episcopes, and air filtration systems to combat Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats.